“`Love knows no boundaries

* What is Personal life?
* What is the Personality?
* What are Boundaries?
I don’t know the answer to these questions for. i have always been an unmindful traveler and still am today.Since I don’t konw myself, then how can I know what is my personal life, my personality and my Boundaries.
– Don’t I have aliveness or don’t I have Intellect or should I say i am foolish ?
Where should i draw the line that mark my boundaries, because where there boundaries for the Body, the Mind breaks in.
– Then, Where are Boundaries?


Personal Relationships always remain in a Veil it never comes upon the lips. One that comes upon one’s lips can never be a Relationship. All I know its that my Emotion is my Life, this is my personality. Who ever my feelings touch, is mine. Therefore where is my Boundary.Where should I draw the line?


My Emotions are my relation, Personality and Boundary, because my Emotion touches them All,
— Earth to Sky, Time to Space, Nature to Science, Human to God, Virtue to Vice, East to West.Then to whom should I say personal Life? I am unaware of my Boundary, and I am unknown of Personal-life since my life is a virgin to its Essence.

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