“`Love is the Highest Demand

rachel_tanner_puerto_rico_gas_overview_feature-992x661• Love is that taper that lights up the dark mind and leads life to the height of progress.
• Love is the honour that places a crown on the head of the wandering intellect.
• Love is offered without asking because the demand for love is the highest demand.
• Love’s shape is unselfish; though love in its essence is deeply selfish.
• Love’s hue is unique, because it believes in a willing give at take.
• Love is a robber that robs everything in the broad day light.
• Love is God who loves himself so much then when he enters someone’s person converts him into God.
Our universe becomes love, when the individual is surcharged with love. Love links us to the uniformity and the homogeneity of feelings; for love is dynamic.


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