“`The Detached Mind

13782154_10210042281439619_636510276761980117_n“Detachment”, is the state of that way-farer who is sitting in a skiff in the open sea but has been caught in a sea storm, who neither knows how to swim, nor has any control over the skiff.
In this dreadful spectacle of death the critical state of the tremulous being is like the living of a detached mind which is just in the plight of the drowning person.
The stage of detachment is just like the state of one lost in a dense wilderness. Who walks with sense, no doubt, but finds himself/herself still at the starting point. He/she moves about in the world like a stray being for that fellow has no hunger for any worldly achievement then where should he/she travel? how to proceed and in what direction to proceed?

— She/ he shirks worry and tensions, for she/ he cannot stay in the atmosphere of helplessness and despair.
— She/he is free from the impatience of a hot race, for she/ he cannot become a prisoner of time shortage.



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