“`The laughter’s music within silence.

1-2“`What can Rose do! She makes the same mistake over and over till today; Only that she loves everyone. But the other person does not pay any heed to the age and neither is shameful at its own dirty action. Filth in thinking, Foolishness in speaking and illiteracy in behavior, in a small wave of thought life becomes quite and the being becomes num.


* Although Rose’s eye gazes at other person’s face, but Rose gazing through the eyes says the creation and voices, ”Wow”


* Although her ears are obliged to listen to insulting words but Rose is only aware of the laughter’s music within silence. The hits are felt of ignorance rather-than love,



Ignorance fails to hear the hurtness  on time. Then Rose asks for higher thinking and pure feelings for that person from creation, thanks love than says, ”Oh my sweet Love ! Wow ! Beautiful, your name is beautiful, your syrup is beautiful, your taste is sweet, so no one can obliterate your beauty.”



Rose is totality aware that her being is filled with LOVE, rathe-than  blood. So being of Rose could only ask creation to let this mistake be repeated continuously 


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