“`Strange Silence

14721731_10210871773776409_6299475848431665362_n“` There’s a strange Silence today. It’s not the kind that leaves you empty or lonely, or even wanting. It’s the still kind. The kind that comes from a certain level of understanding, even acceptance.
I looked at this SKY [photo] today, and every time I did, I found tears fill my eyes. It was a sunset on Highway in Los Angeles. Stunning.
” O, RABBaaH!{God} You have not created all of this for nothing”
And that’s just it. All of this. The sadness, the accidents, the smiles, the peace, the pain, the love, the loss, and the sacrifice: it’s not for nothing. It is not without purpose. It’s not a mistake, some sort of oversight or a random course of events.


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