The Gift


Page # 7

Since childhood we go to religious places, recite religious prayers, but we neither got rid of our pain nor tensions. Why? It is because we all are ailing. Jesus rightly said that one blind is showing path to another blind. That’s why Nanak said that wrong is prevailing everywhere. We all are part of crowd. All are suffering from same disease. Patient is trying to cure patient. Life is not ailing. Our existence is ailing and that’s why our body is suffering. There is no disease in subject “I”, Object is the disease and that is the reason for our suffering in life.
Life is more interested in living than human wants to live life. Our “I” is innocent but is suffering due to our sins; it knows that at the end we will have to go back to “I”. We are subjected to thinking in a way by the object or the way in which we understand family, society or country. The cavalcade of thoughts becomes mature and we call it conscious.
What are thoughts?
Thoughts are our reaction to the visible and invisible expansion of the universe.
What is reaction?
Reaction is the effect of visible.
Why is this effect different on every person?
It is because everybody has different level of understanding and perceiving objects.
What is understanding?
To know the characteristic of the things.
What is characteristic?
It is the reason of existence of that thing. There is a mysterious secret in this universe. It has its own discipline and bound by rule and law. The

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