Emptiness must bloom


– What do we mean by the spiritual life…!
– We mean by spiritual life a life like a sage’s life, and a rishi’s life…
– If we think sage’s life is a spiritual life, then BE LIKE A SAGE…
– If we think our life is a spiritual life too, KEEP TO IT…
– It is not possible to say which life is BEST…
– IF we think our worldly strife brings us happiness, JUST KEEP TO IT.
– If we think a sage’s life gives us happiness, THEN GIVE UP OUR OWN PATH…
– Whatever makes us happy and makes us think we are doing right, go on regardless of what other say…
– If it gives us happiness, if we are satisfied while doing it, while reaping its effect, then its all right, go on with it, and WE WILL ALWAYS BE BLISSED.


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