If life is limited in time, then how is living within our life immortal?

— What were the times that had abolished the feeling of worry from our life. So that life was simply life. In its search the rhythmic character of my breaths began to pervade my moments. Moments:- 14702418_10210843220262589_502646870493188729_n
— The suffocation of the individual had made him totally free from care.
— The false show of relationship had really inspired me.
— The man’s wild eyes had given the depth of pity.
— Woman’s jealousy had taught broad-mindedness and tolerance.
— The bounds of religion had shown nature.
— The pain of greed and attachment had given me freedom.
— The uniformity of the universe had taught me uniformity and homogeneity. And I would see:- 14705763_10210843199022058_1541517081958006215_n
= How a slavish individual walked so arrogantly?
= How one could exhibit any pride in his slavish state?
= Why a person kept an army of facilities in self defence?
= If self defence was really assured?
One becomes even a murderer in self defence. Why? Thus, the marks of slavery scattered all around, enabled me to secure my freedom. The slender cover of false formality taught me to express my feelings to express themselves blatantly. The remaining wall of discrimination was demolished by nature itself. Then how can one welcome slavery in the name of any country and any religion? Why should one? Though I understood every irony latent in me, yet it would sometimes become a mere fancy for me and sometime a mere dream. I began to think how, keeping in view his surroundings a person can move about with the desire for freedom. Then Aashthawakra’s words thumped my feelings on the back and said that it was possible; and Tao’s life too assured me that in reality people behave like that. I kept watching that——-


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