When my life becomes beautiful

17883504_1445535695497071_3267274303871478585_nPerson’s thirst (passion) and devotion itself takes the shape of process or activity and appears in action. Our faith and devotion take shape in keeping with our mental tendency. Thus
When the topic of my interest is love, then my quest will be for love only. My attachment with love will be my devotion to love. Later, this devotion becomes dedication. Devotion always returns in the shape of devotion.
Thus, if I say the whole world should be happy, beautiful and peaceful, this pious wish is my inclination or tendency, my attachment and devotion to the world. When I have such love and devotion to the world, its fruit will also be there. The world may or may not be beautiful, but this devotion of mine will certainly make me beautiful. The spreadoutness of this life begins from me. When my life becomes beautiful, the world, too, will become beautiful; for the creation will appear according to our own point of view, or you may say that our fruit will be according to our intention because life flows according to our feelings and conditions. This very feeling becomes an idea when then taking the shape of an activity or process becomes an action and thus reveals itself.


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