A rhythmic form to the glimpse of a clean Life


Today, I have also realized that:
The straying state is neither indicative of strength and energy, nor is it progressive and dynamic.
Even though quite decent and noble sentiments may be the prompters of these straying, wandering will always lead to unrest and despair, and by wrecking our vitality, will lead our existence to confusion and chaos.
There is Peace and contentment in this flow. A thirsty cry stepping on the stage of Peace with the strength of devotion craves to give, in the song of devotion, a rhythmic form to the glimpse of a clean Life. Riding on the current of this thirsty cry and peeping through the Window of Dedication, a moment calls while with faith in religious scriptures and knowledge-based fortitude as well as the courage for a deep dive. I see the flower of subtle observation budding forth. It tells me from moment to moment to keep quiet.
Today, the gusts of moments, in order to watch carefully that ecstatic trick of mine, stir the musical string, for they desire to see it dance in the present moments.


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