I would Like my life to be a Statement of Love, Care and Happiness

imageLove yourself deeply
Of all the attributes that will help you to live a beautiful life, the most important is the ability to love yourself. Western philosophy sees creation as a piece of art, crafted by the master craftsman that is God. Hence, man is a creation of God. Why would God create a shameful being? Eastern philosophy goes even further by saying that you are not a creation, but a manifestation of God. Is this fact not enough to instil in you a deep abiding love for yourself ?
Love is not a feeling. It is a force. When you love yourself without any preconditions, you set yourself free from a mortal life. You set yourself free from your image and your ego self. You can never fight the ego. Only love for yourself can help to dissolve it. When you love yourself deeply, you begin to live a life that is divine. It is imbued with magic. You do not need any tricks, because you have within you the energy of grace. When you love yourself deeply, there is no space for fear to reside. Fear can only reside in emptiness, because it has no reality. Fear makes life complex. It takes your power away from you, and when you feel less powerful, life seems difficult.


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