When I wake up, who wakes up?

There is something superior, something higher, something more beautiful about being alone. Ask our-self the question: when I wake up, who wakes up?early-morning-212728_960_720

( May we say: It is the ‘I’ that wakes up)maxresdefault

When we woke up, we did not bring the impression of the happiness that we enjoyed for six or seven hours of dreamless sleep. We can only bring with us impressions of the dances we saw in our dreams.

The ‘I’ has woken up. When the ‘I’ wakes up, the past, the present and the future also wake up. This means that time and space also wake up. Along with time and space the sun wakes up, the moon wakes up, the stars wake up, mountains wake up, rivers wake up, forests wake up, men, birds and animals all wake up. When the ‘I’ wakes up, everything else wakes up. While this ‘I’ was sleeping during the sleep state, everything was quiet. If we don’t touch the ‘I’ which woke up, we will experience the happiness of sleep while we are awake. Do it for one single second, half of a single second, a quarter of a single second. Don’t touch the ‘I’. The ‘I’ is something that we can well afford to be without. DON’T TOUCH THE ‘I’ AND TELL ME IF WE ARE NOT SLEEPINGwaccamaw-river-morning

This is called waking while sleeping and sleeping while awake. We are always in happiness, always awake. This awakening is called Knowledge, Freedom, Truth. Don’t touch the names, though. Get rid of all the words that we have so far heard from any quarter. And WE WILL SEE WHO WE REALLY ARE


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