Are You ready for long drive with Unique Companion?. I’m your Beautiful friend— you all knows me- I’m WORD, ‘WORDS’ and a Wonderful Artist for YOU

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*   Free for What?
Can you give yourself your own evil and good and hang your will above yourself like a law? Can you be your own judge and the avenger of your law?
It is terrible to be alone with the judge and avenger of one’s own law. Thus does a star get thrown out into desolate space and into the icy breath of solitary being.
Today you suffer still from the many, you lonely one: for today you still have your courage and your hopes intact

*  You must want to burn yourself up in your own flame: how could you become new if you did not first become ashes!
You go the way of the creator: you will create yourself.
With my tears go into your isolation. I love ONE who wants to create over and beyond him/herself

*  When our heart flows broad and full like a river, a blessing and a danger to adjacent dwellers: there is the origin of our virtue.

*  When we are sublimely above praise and blame, and our will wants to command all things, as the will of a lover: there is the origin of our virtue.

*  When we despise pleasantness and the soft bed, and cannot bed down far enough away from the softies: there is the origin of our virtue.

*  When we are the ones who will with a single will, and this turning point of all need points to our necessity: there is the origin of our virtue.

* If you must serve, then seek the one who benefits most from your service!
The spirit and virtue of your master shall grow from your being his servant; thus you yourself grow with his spirit and his virtue!

* It is night: now all fountains speak more loudly. And my soul too is a fountain.
It is night: only now all the songs of the lovers awaken. And my soul too is the song of a lover.


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