Are You ready for long drive with Unique Companion?. I’m your Beautiful friend— you all knows me- I’m WORD, ‘WORDS’ and a Wonderful Artist for YOU

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*  Let your love for life be love for your highest hope, and let your highest hope be the highest thought of life!

*  State I call it, where all are drinkers of poison, the good and the bad; state, where all lose themselves, the good and the bad; state, where the slow suicide of everyone is called – “life.”

*  There, where the state [life] ends, only there begins the human being who is not superfluous; there begins the song of necessity, the unique and irreplaceable melody.

* If only you were perfect at least as animals! But to animals belongs
Do I advise you to kill your senses? I advise you on the innocence of
your senses.
Do I advise you to chastity? In some people chastity is a virtue, but in
many it is almost a vice…

*  “The company of people ruins one’s character, especially when one has none.”
Not only one lies who speaks though she/he knows better, but the real liar is the one who speaks though he/she knows nothing. And so you visit each other and speak of yourselves and deceive your neighbor with yourselves.


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