Here, Where all of us exist, Here- right Here, where the two dimensions meet. Natural and Spiritual. These dimensions are ONE. This is Pure- Real and the Holy way… Lets go together for this wonderful and shrine pilgrimage

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*  Our Thirst is Our GURU 

My preceptor is my thirst, my life, my holy and ascetic practices, and my circumstances. However, the situation, whether favourable or unfavourable, is a precept for me. Everyone and every incident is an object lesson for me. This wish or desire is for me a lesson in detachment. Every vice taught me how to practice and exert myself, every virtue made me efficient. The very universe became for me the home of the Preceptor—a temple!

*  Understanding comes when we, you and I, meet on the same level at the same time.

*  It is only when the self is not that there is creativeness – that state of being in which alone there can be reality, the creator of all things.

*  The idea is the result of the thought process, the thought process is the response of memory, and memory is always conditioned. Memory is always in the past, and that memory is given life in the present by a challenge. Memory has no life in itself; it comes to life in the present when confronted by a challenge.


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