What is gone before is gone. All you have now are the results of your actions

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We are here to do;
and through doing to learn;
and through learning to know;
and through knowing to experience wonder;
and through wonder to attain wisdom;
and through wisdom to find simplicity;
and through simplicity to give attention;
and through attention to see what needs to be done.


When there is love, love tends to melt away the ‘I’. The ‘I’ relaxes and gets out of the way.

The first thing we need to know is that our personality or ego does not know how to love. It cannot love. When we say, “I love you,” it is always a lie, because the person who says, “I” cannot love, and doesn’t know what love is. The personality does not know how to love. The personality is the product of the lack of love, so how can it know love? The personality is what we usually think is you- that or this, what we call “I,” “myself.” When we say “I,” it is a lie. “I” doesn’t love. “I” doesn’t know how to love. “I” is there because we don’t know how to love. “I” is there from the beginning because of the loss of love. The very existence of an “I” is the absence of love, the blockage and distortion of love. The “I” knows how to need; the “I” does not know how to love. It is not possible. What we call “I,” our separate identity, is our self-image. Even if the self-image knows what love is, it does not have the love and cannot be a source of love. In fact, when there is love, love tends to melt away the “I.” The “I” relaxes and gets out of the way.


O Beautiful LOVE, O! My Love, how wonderful YOUR art, You are the best ARTIST. So, I am open to receive YOUR great Blessing

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Sometimes, when a drop of grace kindles my heart, my first feeling is to cry, with a burning heart for how asleep I am, how blind I can be, without even knowing it. I feel so sad then, so sorry for how far I go from God. My deep love for Truth, for the precious gold of Reality, melts my heart into warm running tears when I remember how hard it is to remember. The realization that when I am asleep I don’t even know how far I am from God makes my heart burn with more fire. It is so easy to forget.


Put love into the world and heaven with all its beauties and glories becomes a reality

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In coming into the realization of our oneness with the Infinite Life, we are brought at once into right relations with Everything. We are brought into harmony with the great law, that we find our own lives in losing them in the service of others. We are brought to a knowledge of the fact that all life is ONE, and so that we are all parts of the one great whole.
* We then realize that we can’t do for another without at the same time doing for ourselves.
* We also realize that we cannot do harm to another without by that very act doing harm to ourselves.


Good and bad karma are just ways of evaluating causal experience. What you do affects your attention field

spring, spring

Silence becomes activity which uproots the negative and the positive. This negative and positive become for us the method. Then when our life proceeds in the period of silence, the negative tendency becomes ‘tapa’ (ascetical practice); and the positive activity becomes ‘sadhna’ (means) and showers upon us the rain of comfort, peace, happiness and satiety.l
—when the sun rises, light spreads.
— when flowers bloom, fragrance spreads
— when joy comes, we automatically take a joyous leap.

Romancing with Wholeness

When my Arms can not reach Creation, I always HUG all Creation with my PRAYER and in my Silence


We find out, as we penetrate our representations of reality, that space is a facet of Being. It is the openness of Being, or the open dimension of Being. We also discover that space is not only a manifestation of our being, of our true nature, but that it also deals directly with the question of representations. So space is the facet of our true nature that specifically and directly deals with the barrier of representations. The work on becoming aware of representations, seeing through and being free from them, has to do with the understanding of space