The Journey of Idea Becomes Knowledge

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. Every passing idea, every fleeting fancy suggests the passage of time; every changing mood destroys Time.
• The journey of ideas becomes knowledge.
• The journey of emotions and sentiments turns into love.
Through knowledge Time expresses itself and makes a person aware of ‘Timelessness’. It means it takes a person beyond time into the state of timelessness.
— Love destroys time; in love a person loses all sense of time and only absorbs himself/herself in love and becomes love himself/herself. Love is the state of ‘Timelessness’.


When I begin to Criticize myself

* To be critical of oneself, to criticize, condemn, or justify oneself – does that bring understanding of oneself?
When I begin to criticize myself, do I not limit the process of understanding, of exploring? Does introspection, a form of self-criticism, unfold the self? What makes the unfoldment of the self possible? To be constantly analytical, fearful, critical – surely that does not help to unfold. What brings about the unfoldment of the self so that you begin to understand it is the constant awareness of it without any condemnation, without any identification…

We can do anything

Anywhere we go in the world, we look at the organization of their structures, and their lives. They see the world in a certain way. Here we see the world in our way.
That means our reality is entirely dependent on our perception.
We need two parts to create reality:
Consciousness and Energy. When We realize that, We can do anything

What is “Right Behavior?”

misty-poppy-morningsWhat is “Right Behavior?”
Know “Right Behavior” not as antithesis to “wrong behavior”:
That which is good is the shadow of light,
That which is evil is the shadow of shadow;6
Gathas of the Dharma
Not by thought-shadows nor by word-shadows nor by action-shadows comes
Right Behavior,
Action in harmony with Dharma, this is Right Behavior;
Action entirely free from Karma, this is Right Behavior.

Nature is Spiritual

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I am living in that time now where my every moment is filled with happiness as my life is opening me how the natural and the spiritual are filling me with more deep understanding. Every day is my new day like new birth. I cant live without this Blissed atmosphere. It is LIFE living inside me with HER natural Nature and her natural nature is Spiritual…

Nature is my flavor

Nature is my FlavorPhotos-Costa-Rica-HDOne thing I look forward to every morning is waking up and having my prayer mood and romantic nature…I really love it.


There is nothing better than a love and silence. I love life. Nature is my flavor, light aroma is my thirst, and colorful habit is my hunger. it makes my journey unique and mysterious, then I am just Song and Dance