“`Ae,Nature! What is your Nature?





“`Few years Ago I asked Nature, ”What is your Nature?”
After few months:
Nature said,
“I have not traveled yet to my nature, but you wait Rose, I will go and see; then you come.”
Nature entered the beautiful unique ocean, and disappeared beyond the Wonderful color…

Then: something happened. Like somebody came and touched my Head, I felt; Light-Clear Light with a Beautiful AROMA
This is what Nature means and Her mystery means.
It says many things without saying anything.


“`The laughter’s music within silence.

1-2“`What can Rose do! She makes the same mistake over and over till today; Only that she loves everyone. But the other person does not pay any heed to the age and neither is shameful at its own dirty action. Filth in thinking, Foolishness in speaking and illiteracy in behavior, in a small wave of thought life becomes quite and the being becomes num.


* Although Rose’s eye gazes at other person’s face, but Rose gazing through the eyes says the creation and voices, ”Wow”


* Although her ears are obliged to listen to insulting words but Rose is only aware of the laughter’s music within silence. The hits are felt of ignorance rather-than love,



Ignorance fails to hear the hurtness  on time. Then Rose asks for higher thinking and pure feelings for that person from creation, thanks love than says, ”Oh my sweet Love ! Wow ! Beautiful, your name is beautiful, your syrup is beautiful, your taste is sweet, so no one can obliterate your beauty.”



Rose is totality aware that her being is filled with LOVE, rathe-than  blood. So being of Rose could only ask creation to let this mistake be repeated continuously 


“`The Fullness of Life


“` O, Life! Thank You for inviting us to come to You. Thank you for being gentle, kind and humble. You are so unique- wonderful and Beautiful. Please, Create in us a gentle and humble spirit.

“` O, Flower! please change us! Make our life be more like You. Let the Love’s Aroma of our Heart and the Silence’s Beauty of our Mind be acceptable to You, oh Beautiful Flower!
O Life,Thank you, for loving and caring for us so much. Help us to love You more and Fill us with the Holy Spirit.


* Live full lives, full in the fullness of Love!


“`The Life Shining with fullness

Cherry trees in blossom around Tidal Basin, Washington DC.

“`One day I am in the stadium for walking.There are cherry blossoms all around me. The delight aroma is filling the atmosphere. My being is peaceful and silence. My heart opens up that very moment. I listen to music. I experience it as seeing beautiful colors. Music has a colors and sound has a aroma. Around me is fullness, flowers, trees and everything. And I experience this reality right in my heart, within my body. Emptiness adds more room, creates greater space within me to experience more fullness. The fullness gives me the contentment that allows me to relax, let go, and be more open…


“`The mind is a priest, the intellect is a Guru

I was born in India, were I lived in a joint family, twenty-six members in a small house. The atmosphere was full with mutual wrangling and bickering. Though occasionally there came puffs of spring breeze, but I remained in the state of fear. I laid in the gorge of reflections and groped in the dark for a beautiful and calm ambience having an aroma of affection and the sense of kinship. However I ever remained conscious of fear from my mother’s side and cold indifference from my father.


The misdeeds of others recoiled on my head and I never complained of it. I was punished for others misdeed despite my innocence. Physically I remained a victim of disease, and mentally fell a victim to depression. I married in 1979 and in 1980 I arrived to Canada.
Here I felt freedom however it took me two years to get rid of my mother’s fears. I was now in the atmosphere of peace and comfort. My material life remained comfortable and the company of children enjoyable; still I felt some discomfort within myself. My search took the shape of melancholy in which I was suffocated by pain and helplessness.
I had no sense of satisfaction in the day or at night, but was mentally perturbed and wept to think of what I wanted and what I liked.


In the year of 1999, very critical type of depression overwhelmed me when the doctor said, “Rose, you have spent your whole life in the state of depression.” This remark simply stunned me. When the doctor stated that I should check into a hospital, something inside woke up, and this was my life in which I didn’t accepted the fact of my mental sickness.

I asked the doctor for six months to personally test and examine myself. I covered the windows with black curtains for I felt uneasy in light. I next balanced my head and was attacked by migraine. I felt suffocated in the presence of everyone. In six months the whole atmosphere changed. I went to my psychologist again and he couldn’t make out what I felt. But I fully understood not only myself, but even the psychologist. During the six months I so radically changed that my whole life transformed.


I felt as though the past was a mere dream and I had wake up. What had passed was only the body, I had my spiritual awakening,

There was an uncommon difference between the day gone by and the next day. I had become simply a symbolic of wonder and surprise. Why so? Further exploration brought me closer and still closer to myself. This self exploration has brought me relief. So far besides the creation of ten books, poems and songs, various feeling and perceptions of life engulfed me. It made me inquire the nature of the world, the universe. It impelled me to think over what we were, about the difference between science, religion, and God. This self exploration familiarizes me with Jesus, Krishna,Muhammad, Buddha, Newton, Einstein, and Darwin. From the perusal of these great ones I feel that the world is a mere path, nature is our means of knowledge, universe is our temple, and God is our destination. Human besides travelers are nothing else. The mind is a priest, the intellect is our Guru, and our tendency is a provider that makes us artists and places us upon the stage of the world.


Today I have transcended all thoughts and ratiocination, free from helplessness and suffocation and despair. There is a beautiful self emanation in me which recount the tipsy state of my freedom.

For we can understand life only when we first understand death. When life enfolds death, the individual has a festive experience with converts his into an artist. This is the real story of life, this is the art of living, that lands humans to competition.