This whole phenomenon of the universe is the phenomenon of beauty

DSC_0518On this New and Fresh Moment after I completed my Prayer and giving thanks for all. Then I looked Inside Me and began to watch the Unique Sunrise. The Feeling in the Being is amazing, Peace with Tears, Dance with Sadness, Song with Silence and Death with Life…A sky of Quietude Smile on this special Moment…


“`The Fullness of Life


“` O, Life! Thank You for inviting us to come to You. Thank you for being gentle, kind and humble. You are so unique- wonderful and Beautiful. Please, Create in us a gentle and humble spirit.

“` O, Flower! please change us! Make our life be more like You. Let the Love’s Aroma of our Heart and the Silence’s Beauty of our Mind be acceptable to You, oh Beautiful Flower!
O Life,Thank you, for loving and caring for us so much. Help us to love You more and Fill us with the Holy Spirit.


* Live full lives, full in the fullness of Love!

“`We never travel in space without time passing


“`We never travel in space without time passing;In our universe, nothing can exceed the speed of light in space. And the slower you travel relative to the speed of light, the faster time passes. So for human beings, time passes very quickly relative to light because we move very slowly in space in comparison to light. Thus the combination of speed in space and in time always equals the speed of light.

“`Love is our Architect

13439090_1280453551966519_6106277928126132537_n“`We are a living building. And what is the nature of living being? A building which will keep the message of God for years to come cannot be made in a day; it takes a lifetime.
[Then] what remains is one thing and that is trust in the architect. WE can trust the architect if WE can understand ITS [LOVE] point of view…

                                                         = LOVE IS OUR ARCHITECT

“`The Presence of LOVE

“`The first moment, I renounce myself, then, I feel this tremendous energy pushing against my being from the inside. My heart starts to open, like a heavy door opening slowly under a great pressure. At some point the door is flung open, and the pure love evoked and this sweet taste melts my intellectual and emotional personality and I find myself in the presence of LOVE


“`I am the absolute mystery, a vastness that has manifested itself within itself as a transparent sphere of conscious presence, whose center is a radiant point of light. The felt experience is lightness and intimacy, preciousness and exquisiteness, and total personal vulnerability.

“` If I see it through the window of the Ego

“`Being nurtured within me those moments which ever hinted at an unknown direction and the whirlwind of my shortcomings sweeping away all omissions and commissions, began to vanish and life began to perform its duty of displaying its identity. Gradually as the caravan of moments passed on, my awareness, too, deepened its tinge. My perceptions began to see all the changes taking place within two directions. I stood still in bewilderment and my interrupted steps advanced.

What am I thinking and what am I doing? I stood lost in this confusion, but my feelings and perceptions were gradually absorbed in ‘silence’ and my silence began to lend a garb to these words and the garbs, too, merely touched the words and tended to convert my life into a style—they began to turn words, too, into a style. My stagnant voiceless state watched that awareness which lay latent in this rare, unique conglomeration.
This life is a business transaction of longings and desires, though I feel that if I see it through the window of the ego then it is the flow of actions. If I look upon it with the view-point of a doer, then life is a mere thirst; if I watched it in my emotive state, it is a mystery—this life, and if I use the mirror of my intellect, then life is only life.
Today, my life is simply life if I was to look at it with the untouched feeling of life—the untouched feeling soaked in emotions and sentiments moistens my eyelids.


The pilgrimage to this emotive state begins with the self and also ends with the self. It makes life an invaluable pilgrimage. Whether we call it life or ‘self’, it is an experience that binds the two together. It goes on scattering, as well as quietening my latent secrets, my every breath, every action and every step, and brings into relief every emotive state which is only a stage in life and tinges it with experience. 

In fact, as I descend into the depth of the evanescent time, I do not get any consciousness of any life or something akin to it. Life, taking the shape of an illusion, makes the self stand in a voiceless, speechless state and then disappears.