“`What is Boundary ?

13438832_1280053448673196_1382749418964691524_n“`Everybody talks about Boundaries, but I am not aware of my own Boundary.
I have always found myself as unknown traveller in this Creation; who is unaware of its own Boundary.
While walking someone else’s beauty– sweetness of the voice–summit of thoughts–deepness of emotion–meaning any beautifying nature became tear in my eyes and the bow then where is my Boundary!
While walking someone’s sadness–thrist–hunger dwellf inside me then where is my Border ?
I could not find the same.
All I know is that I was born as a thought–travelled as search and found life as an emotion. I kept on dissolving but could not find the Boundary.`


“` I am Flowering

cherry-blossoms-washington-dc-march-23-2012-01-1068x710“`I had just fallen in love with a beautiful Nature, when gave me the task to accept my emptiness by my Life. I loved myself too. It was the first time I adulted ‘IN ME’ that my heart actually opened to a Nature and Creation in a very deep and intense way. I was very much in touch with my feelings and I felt so hungry for Nature’s acceptance. I trusted in Life and in God. so…>>>


Nature said I looked good
Life said I never looked so alive
It was like just being born in a new world, or with a new body like these Buds. I FELT that I am flowering.
Accepting my Emptiness is a state of fullness, a state of grace, the flowering of selfless love…