“`The root of my feelings was not body but love, not selfishness but identity

e721db0a3a2cb61c1f35f192f43c3bae“`Today, a reminiscence of my childhood loves to dance and assert its existence in the breaths of joy, while making life ecstatic. When like the morning freshness our existence awakes in the newness of freshness, the voice of holy recitation from the Gurdwara tinges me in the hue of the state of wanton infatuation and fills my breaths with a convulsive craving. Then to proceed to the gurdwara at daybreak fills my bones with the twitter of voicelessness, which throws me into a fog of gloom with a screech of my teeth and a frown of reflection on my countenance. This fog is such that I can neither make out the cause of my sadness nor learn the secret of the shriek of voicelessness. Only a heart-ravishing sight of a picture remains with me. Neat and clean clothes, grey hair and a walking staff in hand with spectacles on, a tipsy gait, serenity on the face, and wrinkles containing the secrets of life in a prominent form—my being has ever craved for and mentally revelled in this portrayal of old age. It had two reasons:
First, every face became my weakness. I remember whenever some friend or relative visited our house I followed them eagerly. Even today, that sight emerges in my consciousness and is vividly present before my eyes. Everyone seemed beautiful and I craved contact with him or her.
I always felt a flood of feelings and passions flowing within which longed to receive everyone within their fold. I wished to be loved by them. First, everyone called me ‘youngster’ and ‘crazy’. Then in my youth, such flows of feelings earned me the title of ‘sex-ravenous.’

My age remained indicative of the slavery of my feelings and sentiments. I would say to myself, “I wish I was old?”
The root of my feelings was not body but love, not selfishness but identity.


“`What is Boundary ?

13438832_1280053448673196_1382749418964691524_n“`Everybody talks about Boundaries, but I am not aware of my own Boundary.
I have always found myself as unknown traveller in this Creation; who is unaware of its own Boundary.
While walking someone else’s beauty– sweetness of the voice–summit of thoughts–deepness of emotion–meaning any beautifying nature became tear in my eyes and the bow then where is my Boundary!
While walking someone’s sadness–thrist–hunger dwellf inside me then where is my Border ?
I could not find the same.
All I know is that I was born as a thought–travelled as search and found life as an emotion. I kept on dissolving but could not find the Boundary.`


“` My HOLY Life…

fog-road-carmel-by-the-sea-california-rend-tccom-966-544                                                  = Beauty is my HOLY SCRIPTURE;

165845_4294978938898_403801087_n                                                                    = Purity is my TEMPLE;

                                                         = Silence is my TRADITION;


                                                               = Love is my RELIGION;

ghost-cranes-foggy-shore-850px                                              = Limitless Heart ‘Truth’ is my PATHWAY

                                                  = Womanhood is my DIGNITY;

                                                       = Nature is my SPIRITUALITY;

                                                            = Universe is my GURU;

                                                                = World is my FAMILY;

                                                     = No-mind is my PRESENT-STATE;

                                                            = Surrender is my QUALITY ;


         = Knowledge is my JAPPA-NAMAJ-PATH-MANTRA, ect;

                                                                 = Prayer is my KARMA;

                                                 = Dance and singing is my HOBBY;


12938350_10209061790567960_575759935894752843_n                                                      = Laugh and Smile is my NATURE;




                                                      = Nothingness is my DESTINATION—











“`The Life Forecasts, ‘This is Life’

What should I name this!
What I saw today….
What should I say.
Who was seeing and what was being seen?
My being or the creation!
Oh, Myself.
Then I realized,
I am the creation but ignorant…
In the vast deepness of my being for myself.
The eyelid opened to view the Nature…
There is neither denial nor the acceptance…
What ever is supposed to happen is happening…
the life forecasts ‘this is life’

I travel through a moment in a century so that a century can become a moment…
I deny so I can experience the acceptance
The time played game with a naughty smile which became a deep question,
“Who am I and what is time
If time exists then my being exists…
If there is no time, then there is no being.”
Then the creation answered,
“I am timeless, but I exist in time
I am shapeless, but take shape
I am the destiny, but become the path
I am but only I am, because I am formless.”
Then I saw only
In the womb of a moment
Taking birth of my being on the bed of death
I am infinite like the sky…
Empty, yet full…
I am nothing, but still very healthy-blissful-carefree
and the festival only.