God is nature

13254354_10209533787047577_5462309440463579797_nGod is Nature, God is the Universe. God is in every elements that makes the whole Universe. Right Now is the best TIME to be HAPPY in our Life… SO, Be Happy!!! God Bless you ALL!!!


The Wholeness is one infinite perfect totally, absolutely clear Life


I feel that I do not know anything about everything. There is mystery all around me. I feel a profound sense of ignorance. I wonder about life and death, about the life of the body, about everything that I have thought naively and arrogantly that I know. I realize that all life, and all objects and processes in life, are full of mystery. I do not really know anything
I see through Water-changing color with light…
The universe is one infinite perfect crystal, totally transparent, and absolutely clear. The reality of the world is a solid transparency, a compact emptiness so clear it feels like the total absence of any sensation. It is the virgin reality, before mind arises, before thought knows, before memory is born…

When my life becomes beautiful

17883504_1445535695497071_3267274303871478585_nPerson’s thirst (passion) and devotion itself takes the shape of process or activity and appears in action. Our faith and devotion take shape in keeping with our mental tendency. Thus
When the topic of my interest is love, then my quest will be for love only. My attachment with love will be my devotion to love. Later, this devotion becomes dedication. Devotion always returns in the shape of devotion.
Thus, if I say the whole world should be happy, beautiful and peaceful, this pious wish is my inclination or tendency, my attachment and devotion to the world. When I have such love and devotion to the world, its fruit will also be there. The world may or may not be beautiful, but this devotion of mine will certainly make me beautiful. The spreadoutness of this life begins from me. When my life becomes beautiful, the world, too, will become beautiful; for the creation will appear according to our own point of view, or you may say that our fruit will be according to our intention because life flows according to our feelings and conditions. This very feeling becomes an idea when then taking the shape of an activity or process becomes an action and thus reveals itself.

Find out what is the truth

DSC_1907Sometimes I find myself using simple language, straightforward and down to earth. I think it is much better than using language like enlightenment, God, divine guidance—all these big concepts that actually scare the hell out of us. They are words that somebody created to correspond with certain experiences, but if you use these words, you unconsciously attach all sorts of ideas and feelings to them. You hate them, you like them, you love them, you are confused by them, you are bored with them, you are conflicted about them, you judge yourself with them, you judge others with them, you do not really know what they refer to, you do not know for yourself whether they refer to anything at all. Much of your history with these words has to do with your relationship with your father, your mother, your church, your teachers, the books you read, the experiences you had in the past, and so on. The original meaning of these words is most likely completely lost to you. So I think it is better not to use them. Instead, go simply, tread lightly. Find out what is the truth, what is really here beyond teachings, beyond concepts. Find out who you are

The bounds of religion had shown nature

— What were the times that had abolished the feeling of worry from our life. So that life was simply life. In its search the rhythmic character of my breaths began to pervade my moments. Moments:-
— The suffocation of the individual had made him totally free from care.
— The false show of relationship had really inspired me.
— The man’s wild eyes had given the depth of pity.
— Woman’s jealousy had taught broad-mindedness and tolerance.
— The bounds of religion had shown nature.
— The pain of greed and attachment had given me freedom.
— The uniformity of the universe had taught me uniformity and homogeneity. And I would see:-
= How a slavish individual walked so arrogantly?
= How one could exhibit any pride in his slavish state?
= Why a person kept an army of facilities in self defence?
= If self defence was really assured?
One becomes even a murderer in self defence. Why? Thus, the marks of slavery scattered all around, enabled me to secure my freedom. The slender cover of false formality taught me to express my feelings to express themselves blatantly. The remaining wall of discrimination was demolished by nature itself. Then how can one welcome slavery in the name of any country and any religion? Why should one? Though I understood every irony latent in me, yet it would sometimes become a mere fancy for me and sometime a mere dream. I began to think how, keeping in view his surroundings a person can move about with the desire for freedom. Then Aashthawakra’s words thumped my feelings on the back and said that it was possible; and Tao’s life too assured me that in reality people behave like that. I kept watching that——-