Love melts the lover into the ocean of truth, there remain no traces of an “I”.

water-286828_960_720My heart longs for the presence of Truth. All I want is to be my true nature, my essential self, for love this Nature within my being, so hungry, so thirsty


May we enjoy the Garden of our true Nature. LETS GO-

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What is it that causes a child to awaken to the nature of words and language? How does one suddenly know he or she is falling in love? And how does one explain the birth of unconditional or divine love?

What are the causes of the most profound spiritual awakenings, where consciousness suddenly recognizes its true nature?

The flowering of Our consciousness is as unique as every flower, and WE are here to discover how it’s going to happen uniquely through us.

* What is Our consciousness like right now?

* How open is the flower of Our Awareness?

* Is it still budding, or has it blossomed?

*What happens this time when WE meditate? What happens now when WE inquire, “Who am I?”

* How does it feel right now to open Our heart with gratitude even if nothing much is happening? What impact does reading this or anything else have on us?

* Every stage of a plant’s existence is valuable and even necessary for its flowering.

* Our experience is always adding to the richness of the unfolding of Our consciousness in this moment.

*May WE enjoy the garden of Our true nature.


May we enjoy the Garden of our true Nature. LETS GO-

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What is it that causes a plant to flower? Does sunshine? Does lots of water? Or is it good soil? Maybe all of these together? Or is there really something more subtle in the nature of the flower itself that causes it to flower?

Does that mean the whole process of evolution over eons of time is involved? What other factors might cause the flowering? Does gravity play a part? The season and the temperature? The quality of the light?

What if what causes a flower is a combination of all of the things mentioned? And what if all of these things have to be in the right proportion? Is that proportion different for every species of plant? Some plants need lots of water or light to flower. Others will die with too much water or light. A unique formula is involved in the appearance of the simplest apple blossom and the most complex orchid.

We need a mysterious and powerful word like “Grace” to name this amazing interplay of forces and intelligence. To reduce it to a formula doesn’t come close to capturing or describing the vast richness of variables and forces at play. There’s no formula complex enough to capture the mystery of a magnolia blossom.

Awakening is a kind of flowering of consciousness. When consciousness expands and opens into a new expression, we call that an awakening. And while there are as many kinds of awakenings as there are flowers, they are all equally mysterious.