“`When our life is sinking in the storm of wishes and longings?


-We wish to be blessed with contented life, but by whom? -Should we accept this blessing from anyone whether he/she is a person or the whole world, whether he/she is God or a material object? Why? 

-How can we be satiated by any other person?
-This satiety is our inner wealth or capital we have been singed by the heat of our longings and have been defeated by our feelings and emotions. Why do we want to conquer the world?

New Zealand Photos | Sunrise, Kaiteriteri Beach, South Island, New Zealand

How can we conquer others when we have been defeated by our own minds why do we wish to relax in the lap of the world? But how can we swim in the ocean of existence, when our skiff of life has holes in the bottom? How can we feel well contented, when our life is sinking in the storm of wishes and longings?