“`My ego has changed and fallen upon the earth, making me more beautiful…

autumn_leaves_in_motion_sunrise_sunset_wisconsin_2008_photo_01__soul-amp“`A ‘detached’ person feels like an orphan, helpless and shelterless. That is why a detached person cannot accept anybody in the shape of religion, country or family then how will ONE compare and contrast the feeling of mine with the feeling of his or thine?

how will ONE distinguish between a friend and a stranger?

How will be say that ONE is an Indian or an American?

And how will ONE be in the position to say that ONE is a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian?

How will ONE accept and adopt any boundary line or tradition?


No, ONE will be able to do nothing. Even though ONE be in the living world, his/her feet are conducting her/him to the place where truth resides, where goodness emits fragrance, where is found the quintessence of life. The stage towards which her/his steps are directed is the true destination of life.

The detached person is a failure in the worldly sense, that is why ONE feels her/himself worthless. ONE feels that She/he has been able to do nothing, because ONE could not do anything.In fact, ONE was incapable of anything; could not even have an empty smile; ONE could not shed crocodile tears; the confinement to restraints suffocated her/him; ONE could not be selfish. Then what should ONE do? ONE lives in the world but remains out of it; Remains in relationships, but keeps aloof from them; ONE is in the crowd, but feels like lost; ONE heaves his breaths, but is not alive.



“`When I go into SILENCE, then I am Nothing,even I am not Mine


e8c5fd03c0f172d72fd2eec7b989332f~ Because Rose is not Muslim, she can’t say ” ALLAH ”


~ Because she was not born in Hinduism, she can’t say ”OUM ”

~ Because she do not go to a SIKH-TEMPLE, So she is not ” SIKH ”

~ Because she did not read the BIBLE, then she can not love ”JESUS ”


When messages Like these come from Friends-relatives, then Shaheer’s response:
-Baba Kabira once said,
“I am not a Hindu,
Nor a Muslim am I!
I am this body,
a play Of five elements;
a drama Of the spirit dancing,
With joy and sorrow.” Bhagat Kabira
But she will not say what KABIR JI has.
She will say,
”I am Muslim-Hindu- Christian  Sikh-, I am ever all; because I Love Jesus- Muhammad- Nanak- Tao- Buddha- Krishna- Shiva- Kabir- Farid-Bullhe shah ect. then How can they not be…?
I love all religions, Quran- Gita- Bible- Guru granth- Tao- Maha gita- Upneshid, all is my Life and every Peer-Fakir-Saint Are mine.I love all Creation-Universe-Nature, I love everything,
When I look at Creation, Everything is mine;
when I go into SILENCE, then I am nothing, even I am not Mine.”


“`Smile is gazing towards the Creation

“`When the Smile took its place as a ruler on my lips eight years ago, and I would stand still in front of mirror again and again; I can not believe that Smile with me, because I never dreampt that I would Smile as such. This Smile had taken birth from SILENCE and NATURE.
Today !
This Moment !



This Smile recognized the Ceation’s Smile, Now my moist Smile is gazing towards the Creation, and my mystic eyes sent massage that:
” Oh! Beautiful Smile, go and rule over every lips, and become known every being’s lips. Every being, Every moment, and Every spec is in need of such Smile.”


“`That was the moment of mine and I became century…

I remember when I ask myself what had passed, “Time or Body”. Then Rose replied, “Body”. Ask the same question again,”What is passing at this moment”. Then a sound murmuried,” Today I am the alone”. Then time replied again, “I am the fragment of imagination. A being looking at its own changing body begins to say my name. A being passing through desires and thoughts also blames me. Although I stand still.”
Then I ask,” What is your speed and action?”
Time answered while looking at Rose,
“Rose do you remember those moments when the wish to fly entered your being; those moments were to attain me. Do you remember that thought which kept thinking who is your own and who is foreign–who am I and what is Life; those thoughts were to understand me. Do you remember that search which kept on researching freedom; that search was too surpass me.”

Then I looked at Rose who was envolped in sigh of silence, which was nothing but sounds of thinking.I asked time, “Then how is your speed today, then who am I “.
Then time replied, ” there is no speed today either, I am standing still today as well. Only different  is that Rose is also standing still today”
Then who is this walking along,I asked; and time again replied, “You”
Then I ask amazingly, “I–Mine–How is that, so”
Then time replied, “Look at your own being with depth, then be aware of who I am?”
When I gaze at the time:
That was the moment of mine and I became century…
That was my own thought and I was just consciousness…
That was my own step and I was standing as destination…

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Time was my own moment–my own idea…
Rose was my own feeling–my own emotion…
I was nothing but emptiness
I was fullfil not only nothingness.


“` When Life Blossoms In Silence


It may be day or night,
Perfect silence or deep uproar
There is a watchman-ship of silence at work. Words turn a person into a beggar and silence places on the human head the crown of the emperor of the inner spiritual kingdom. The individual despite being in shackles is free; but for being in the grip of longing despite being free we are slaves. In the desert of burning passions one’s worth is not more than a fig, but you, see in the matter of dreams and aspirations even a king is at the level of the laymen, for I think that Whether there are dreams or aspirations,
Thoughts or reflections, all give us the message of our metropolis;
Death teaches the glory of life;
Mountains, valleys, seas, the sky give us an idea of our comprehensiveness.
The consciousness of time teaches us that infinite and eternal we are;
Air suggests to us the tune of ‘Oum’.

— Let there be the wails of lamentation or peals of happy laughter,
— Helplessness of circumstances or the sobbing state of the environment,
— Angry words of complaints or utterances of curse,
— Showers of blames or the pains of law violations,
— The fragrance of love or the drops of enthusiastic aspirations,
— Flowers of smile or the thorns of tears.
All feelingly make us realize their individual significance.
• Hungry bellies, moistened eyes, faded faces— do they not lift the corpses of comforts?
• Does the loneliness of trouble not look for happiness and comfort?
• Do broken hearts not give the message of death?
• Wild cries, the bitter gesture of envy and jealousy, the mode of thinking of rascals and ruffians, the solitude of love, the disappointment of hopes, the accidents of earth-quakes and whirlwinds, the cunning prattle of the wicked people, the tricks of the corrupt people, do they not transport us to the consciousness of death and throw our life into the pit of suffocation, helplessness and despair?
• The fragrance of flowers, the beauty of nature, the juice of fruit, the taste of vegetables, the redness of the sun, the bullishness of the sky the flights of birds, the stability of the trees, the unshaken stand of mountains, the light of the moon, the bashfulness of a woman, the fearlessness of man, the spiritual ecstasy of Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, the joyful symphonies of Shehnai do they not make life beautiful, are they not a boon for life, are they not life themselves?
But what does actually happen?

The individual may live anywhere, may it be a palace or a hut, there comes a constant hum of quarrel and bickering and of envy and jealousy. Why?
Why is not there heard the thundering voice of love and peace?
And this silence, takes us beyond the challenge of death and the lullaby of life into the sweet and fresh music of the universe. The immaculate expansion of silence takes us into the music of depth as well as exalts us with the attainment of height. Very lucky they are who follow this path and hear this music of the spheres, who enjoy this zest of taste, who know this secret that they are not finite beings, but infinite; that they have no end and are endless. It is only with this realization that a person becomes happy, peaceful and contented. Then begins the start of a new life with new aspirations:- Then fears and worries born of the womb of the moments, the grief of in-completion, the painful sighs of weakness— all vanish in moments, then silence comes with only essential utterances and life proceeds with essential matters, “feelings” proceed only in the right direction to the place where freedom rises in revolt and where slavery has worn out itself. When they become votaries of dedication and devotion only then do they get their freedom which takes them to infinite bliss. But the individual has developed his interest in utterances while true friendship is shown only by ‘silence’.


dsc06190The individual’s life rests itself only on utterances while the necessary thing is to enshrine life into the heart of silence. This journey is the journey of freedom and freedom comes with knowledge. Knowledge is born of the womb of silence. Silence leads the individual to the quintessence of life, while the sabras of utterances can even kill life. when life blossoms in silence:-



“`Love asked


“` Although we see sun rising every twelve hours, but life has sun rise and sun set every moment in this time and space. In the embodiment of love asmile travels out of my being and sets on my lips.and stares,this smile of silence begins to ask me,
Why you have no trust?
This question filled my eyes with nector of tears as love. (Tears of love) This tears had an awe of Silence. As this tear travels down to be with smile.

flores-do-campo-5So friends! what was the question with in the question?
Smile asked my being, “Do not you believe in your own love?”
When my tears of love hugged my silence smile,then silence accepted the words and smile became the paper and tears became the ink and love became the hand and the outcome was the —
“Total Liberation “
So the love says,
“No one ever faithfully believed in me, because i am the hotest desire for everybody”
Love asked my being,
“Was jesus persecuted or me?
Were Nanak, Buddha, Muhammad or Krishna misunderstood or me?
—O My Silly Being, its me!
Who so ever I rule does not believe in me? because, limit is infinite and infinit is limit. O my childish-feeling! I am so vast that I have hard time believing in my infinity that how can I accept anybody to have faith in my being.”


This statement of Love made my silent smile into peace; then I looked at my being and only discovered an Awe.


“`Love knows no boundaries

* What is Personal life?
* What is the Personality?
* What are Boundaries?
I don’t know the answer to these questions for. i have always been an unmindful traveler and still am today.Since I don’t konw myself, then how can I know what is my personal life, my personality and my Boundaries.
– Don’t I have aliveness or don’t I have Intellect or should I say i am foolish ?
Where should i draw the line that mark my boundaries, because where there boundaries for the Body, the Mind breaks in.
– Then, Where are Boundaries?


Personal Relationships always remain in a Veil it never comes upon the lips. One that comes upon one’s lips can never be a Relationship. All I know its that my Emotion is my Life, this is my personality. Who ever my feelings touch, is mine. Therefore where is my Boundary.Where should I draw the line?


My Emotions are my relation, Personality and Boundary, because my Emotion touches them All,
— Earth to Sky, Time to Space, Nature to Science, Human to God, Virtue to Vice, East to West.Then to whom should I say personal Life? I am unaware of my Boundary, and I am unknown of Personal-life since my life is a virgin to its Essence.


“` I recognize that what I love most is the essence of the divine

js_130826_2118“`A new feeling arises, a completely welcome feeling that expresses a deep realization. I feel I am finally arriving home. This mystery, this majesty, is my home, my original place. It is what my heart longs for and loves more than anything else. I realize I have always loved this mystery, and always longed to melt into it, even though I did not know consciously what I loved and longed for. I knew I loved the truth, but I was not aware that the truth is ultimately this inexplicable reality. I see that I have always felt exiled, that I have always been seeking to return home.


“`You are only Honest for a Moment


dream-landscape-01“` When I glance at the World, i find HONESTY everywhere. Everyone is Honest. Some are Honest for: Themselves, Money, Desire, Relationship, Country and Religion.
Then I ask myself, ” Where is my Honesty- Am i Honest or Not?”
Then my SILENCE gave me a naughty Smile as I glance at Her with Depth, then my Silence replied, ” You are Only Honest for a MOMENT ”
My Silence vanished and left me with a single thought. —” So i am Only Honest for One MOMENT and Nothing else”— With this Impression deep Smile Imprint upon my Being. This Smile is the same naughty Smile of SILENCE


“`Aha! Ahaa!! Ahaaa!!!


“`I would remain lost in great amazement whenever I carefully peered at any part of the world. Besieged with this sense of nothingness, I apprehended neither myself nor this vast expansion. Lost in unawareness and burning suffocation, I turned into a sacrifice in the grip of helplessness, despair, and tormenting hopelessness.
The taper of cognition had not yet become amenable to illumination owing to the absence of the deep feelings of the state of pain which would arrest my breaths and impair my existence.
The caravans of recollections grew eager to hear their own footfalls, as well as the footfalls of this existence which are passing through the moments of today. For in the track of its every path there zooms the journey from the root to the consciousness; in its every breath sways the intoxication from matter to the consciousness divine. In its life breaths flow—the juice of words as well as of the peace of silence.

In the vast expansion of the world I failed to see any trace of my own existence. This world offered a very rare and strange spectacle, the beauty and ugliness of which exercised a most delicate and harsh influence on my mind. I do not think I ever thought of myself in this way, the individual appearance of all remained the central point of my observation.
What was I looking for? Whom was I searching for? The idea of my own identity never crossed the threshold of existence.
Gradually, as I advanced in age, my own identity began to make me perceive my convulsing gratification, wailing tranquillity, and sobbing freedom. Suddenly something transpired, I realized that from beyond some feeling or perception was waking my sense of existence with the twist of some emotion suppressed within me. What it was, there was no way to apprehend it. When the consciousness, lurking in the frown on my forehead, recieved the quiver of some sound through the cavities of my ears, then—
To every human’s personalitiy,
I felt incapable of conveying
The shape of every happening,
The awareness of every environment,
And the feelings and expressions on every countenance.
For I was young and was deficient in words and expressions to stem the tide of the flow of this awareness; my childish activity performed its main role quite adequately.
For some, their families were most important,
For some, wealth and riches.
For some, tranquillity was the main thing,
For some, happiness and comfort.


In my opinion, every individual should be mine—this thought was upper most. There was pain at the root of this feeling or sentiment; then flowers and fruit were to be of woe and misery only. The incompletion of this sentiment went on linking me to me wherever I found the flow of Love; the shape of the manifestation of life displayed an uncommon beauty. And when I became stuck up in the bog of despair, the realization of the ephemeral character of the world pricked me acutely.
But in the sound coming from the other side there was very deep satisfaction which taught my breaths to flow in unique contentment—which proceeded by stringing together the longing of the footsteps and a stir on my lips in harmonious tune. In short, in the first step of my journey of life that began with the label of ‘Shaheer’ beamed the consciousness of all lying within my fold. In addition, in every moment of life, the echo of my sighs impinges upon the string of existence and in the motion of my breaths, it indulges in the paeans of rapturous delight.
The echo of this ‘Aha’ becomes a holy recitation.
The tune and rhythm of ‘bravo’ becomes an ascetic act.
I am helpless about turning the formula of prayer and penance to myself, as they do not exist because of me; rather, I exist because of them. For this very purpose, every tune and rhythm of life moves about in search of tonal harmony to set my self on a travel.
The harmonious character of this vast existence takes every object within its fold of uniformity and unites uniformity with the Shape-determiner. The peeping of the sun into the calm moments of dawn, the chirping of the birds, the appearance of the trees in peaceful colours and above the motion of breaths (the act of respiration), the muteness of existence—the homogeneity of all these processes and then, merges them into the unknown feelings and perceptions—
Making the bodily into the bodiless,
Turning colour into colourlessness,
Turning shape into shapelessness,
This well-satisfying state of rich tranquillity—the manifestation of unparalleled peace and comfort—puts my existence into alienation where life dances on the theatrical stage of fearlessness, freedom, and perfection; there silence and speech stand in one experience and present every enjoyable object of the world into a novel and unique shape and provide life relief from some debt or indebtedness.
Now I began to apprehend the whole spreadout manifestation without the word ‘world’.
What should I say as to what all this is?
Whatever I realize without words
Has a beauty that is most valuable.

Words only put into disintegration the beauty of the uniformity. In the manifestation of this integration we are greeted by the sight of Omkar.
If we survey our surrounding the experience we obtain is one and the same for all. If we look at any material object through the window of the words, the manifestation of any shape and colour makes all into different shapes and colours. These objects are different from one another in colours and shapes and physiques, yet in liveliness, in vital breaths, and in energy they are not different. Just as the window lends limits to the sky, in the same way words delimit the integrity of the world.
Passing through these present moments the lively state of our vital breaths perceive the flow of every state and direction proceeding towards the same point. The twist and convulsion of this same flow awakens the life-breaths and dyeing them in on ochre colour makes us wear the cloak of a solitary recluse. Just as a thirsty person craves for water, our life-breaths crave for their root and existence. It seems as though someone has lost his way in a dark thick, wilderness and forgotten even his name and address. Then in this unbearable state, convulsing with intense anguish, this pain of today’s awakening causes us intense distress. It is as though surrounded by a stormy whirlwind, one was to fall prey to some dreadful accident.


Again, the convulsive pain of life-breaths involving us in indescribable plight, takes the shape of tears and weighs itself in the balance of prayer. Then, in its unbearable state, in its helplessness and despair, and in its incapacity, the bare-picture of limits stings us and amidst this backbreaking strain rides the boat of silence.
We came to know of it when the cool puff of peace finds its satisfaction in the long-drawn breaths and gives the taste of comfort to the depth of breaths. Then the jolts of sobbing life-breaths gradually come to a standstill and begin to sing paeans in the glorification of peace and fortitude.
Oh! Then I realized that:
Life proceeding in peace,
Life going on in satiety,
Life fragrant with laughter,
Life reverberates the shout of “bravo!”
Blossom in life—breaths—Aha! Aha!
This “Aha!” becomes the message of
Freedom and makes us realize that:
It has got rid of this slavery to fear, worry, envy, and despair, and the slavery to bounds and limits. In this unparalleled beauty the emergence of indescribable feelings and perceptions,
The convulse of laughter,
The sombreness underlying happiness,
The search for peace,
The thirst for satiety,
Keeping in an always live state, proceeds to the unknown destination with faltering steps. In the journey of this extraordinary journey—
The waxing and warning of passions,
The ebb and flow of feelings and emotions,
The occurring and disappearing of thoughts and reflections
Convey the same message.

What causes satiety is—religion;
What causes discontent is—irreligion.
What grants peace is—our true ‘self’.
What spoils our peace is—our fake ‘self’.
What grants us joy is—Unknown Energy.
What causes pain and discomfort is—ego
For I realized that:
When the manifestation of the world
Is deeper and more profound
Then we are mere bodies
When we are entangled in feelings and passions,
We are only ‘the mind’.
When reflectiveness appears, we are the intellect.
When some awareness comes from afar—we are actually divine.
When the tune of elation echoes our moments, aha!
We are chit (chit means our inner self).
When the state of “Bravo! Bravo!” dawns upon us,
We are truly worshippers.