Time” is also an honest judge that makes correct decisions


. If life becomes an art, time will repeat that art. Where the artistic life proceeds there:-
— Tears stop listening to foul and abusive words
— What will the tongue do without a permanent ‘Rasa’ or zest (taste).
— The eye will see only beauty
— The nose will feel the fragrance
= For lecherous words will change their direction, they won’t fall into those ears which are filled with symphonies and hymns.
= If things are dull, tasteless, insipid, the tongue will put up the notice board “no admission” for the observation of ugliness
= The light of the eye has no feeling, nor is there left any scope for the foul, pent up suffocation.

When the sense of uniformity settles down in the individual’s existence, then the whole frolicsome state of nature and the art of the universe come forward and take time and space within their fold. Then the individual despite his limited character becomes as vast as the universe.
Time makes its presence felt only through change. There is no such experience as time’s experience, that is found in the relaxed state of life. The relaxed state is an unchanged state which is the right and original state for the individual. It is because of our limited and finite existence that we get the consciousness of the infinity of space; the consciousness of infinity has no finite element in it.
= ‘Time’ is but a memorial written on the board of space.
= This vast expansion of colour, shape and form is the outspread of the “universe”.
= “Time” has nothing to do with life and death. It last forever.
= “Time” is a most valuable telescope that catches every feeling of the individual.
= “Time” is also an honest judge that makes correct decisions;


• It knows the level of every breath,
• Recognizes the thrill of every emotion,
• Keenly watches the nature of every action.
= “Time” appoints the capacity for memorizing in everyone’s life. The individual may forget it all, but Time never forgets.


“`My ego has changed and fallen upon the earth, making me more beautiful…

autumn_leaves_in_motion_sunrise_sunset_wisconsin_2008_photo_01__soul-amp“`A ‘detached’ person feels like an orphan, helpless and shelterless. That is why a detached person cannot accept anybody in the shape of religion, country or family then how will ONE compare and contrast the feeling of mine with the feeling of his or thine?

how will ONE distinguish between a friend and a stranger?

How will be say that ONE is an Indian or an American?

And how will ONE be in the position to say that ONE is a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian?

How will ONE accept and adopt any boundary line or tradition?


No, ONE will be able to do nothing. Even though ONE be in the living world, his/her feet are conducting her/him to the place where truth resides, where goodness emits fragrance, where is found the quintessence of life. The stage towards which her/his steps are directed is the true destination of life.

The detached person is a failure in the worldly sense, that is why ONE feels her/himself worthless. ONE feels that She/he has been able to do nothing, because ONE could not do anything.In fact, ONE was incapable of anything; could not even have an empty smile; ONE could not shed crocodile tears; the confinement to restraints suffocated her/him; ONE could not be selfish. Then what should ONE do? ONE lives in the world but remains out of it; Remains in relationships, but keeps aloof from them; ONE is in the crowd, but feels like lost; ONE heaves his breaths, but is not alive.