“` My serene already exists within me

13567472_1280053818673159_4287698119934988791_n“` I remind myself that my body is a temple. My serene already exists within me. This is who I really am. In reality, nothing can hold me back when I am in tune with the Universe. I am as free as a bird; I flow as a river; I am as Strong as a Mountain; I am as Happy as a blooming flower, and I am as silent as Nature.


“`The Presence of LOVE

“`The first moment, I renounce myself, then, I feel this tremendous energy pushing against my being from the inside. My heart starts to open, like a heavy door opening slowly under a great pressure. At some point the door is flung open, and the pure love evoked and this sweet taste melts my intellectual and emotional personality and I find myself in the presence of LOVE


“`I am the absolute mystery, a vastness that has manifested itself within itself as a transparent sphere of conscious presence, whose center is a radiant point of light. The felt experience is lightness and intimacy, preciousness and exquisiteness, and total personal vulnerability.