We are all immersed in an aura of our own thinking

We are all immersed in an aura of our own thinking. This aura is the direct result of all that we have ever said, thought or done; it decides what is to take place in our life; it attracts what is like itself and repels what is unlike itself. We are drawn towards those things that we mentally embody. Most of the inner processes of thought have been unconscious; but when we understand the law all that we have to do is to embody consciously what we wish, and think ofthat only, and then we shall be drawn silently toward it.sun_raysc551350

We have this law in our hands to do with as we will. We can draw what we want only as we let go of the old order and take up the new; and this we must do to the exclusion of all else. This is no weak person’s job but an undertaking for a strong, self-reliant soul; and the end is worth the effort. The person who can hold his thought one-pointed is the one who will obtain the best results.


Life is the expression of all our possibilities


Perfect is the pattern and perfect will be the result. We see ourself surrounded by the thing that we desire. More than this, we are the thing that we desire. Our word is now establishing it forever; see this, feel it, know it. we are now encompassed by perfect life, by infinite activity, by all power, by all guidance. The power of the Spirit is drawing to us all people; it is supplying us with all good; it is filling us with all life, truth and love.1

Wait in perfect silence while that inner power takes it up. And then we know that it is done unto us. There goes forth from this word the power of the Infinite.

“The words which I speak, they are spirit and they are life.”

Reincarnation isn’t after life: reincarnation is experiencing different life possibilities

rivers-forest-valley-yosemite-sun-superb-usa-california-river-mountains-rays-painted-photo-gallery We speak into our words the intelligence which we are, and backed by that greater intelligence of the Universal Mind our word becomes a law unto the thing for which it is spoken.
All this goes to prove that we really are one with the Infinite Mind, and that our words have the power of life within them; that the word is always with us and never far off. The word is within our own mouth. Every time we speak we are using power.
We are one in mind with the whole universe; we are all eternally united in this mind with real power. It is our own fault if we do not use this truth after we see it.

How can we get rest?

Purple TulipsI sensed that:-
“The seed of understanding ever awaits the advent of spring or appropriate time to sprout, when it will sprout, when its aromatic feelings and perceptions will make life fragrant; “for seeds and spring season have a close relationship. Shall we celebrate our living together when on the soil of our ego are growing thorny shrubs of wishes and desires, which do not let the mutual compromise between the seed and spring to fructify? When the fever of egotism has already dried up our being, how can we get rest?

How can the same diet and lifestyle be good for all of us?

veluwezoom-national-park-netherlands-heather-trees-sun-rays-dawn-1080P-wallpaper-middle-sizeIn today’s world of unabashed marketing and advertising, the truth of our uniqueness has become the first casualty. If each one of us is a unique being (and I have no doubt about that) how can the same diet and lifestyle be good for all of us? Thousands of years ago, our rishi-munis knew that one person’s food is another person’s poison. They also knew that the cause of all our problems is pragyaparadha, crime against wisdom, or insult of our inherent intelligence. We insult our intelligence when we believe in ‘one shoe-fits-all’ solutions. Ayurveda is designed for those individuals who believe in their uniqueness, and are ready to take responsibility for this uniqueness. Its ultimate purpose is to make every home a happy home – a true haven.

Woman’s purity and faith in prayer


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The true woman, the authentic woman, who will be true to her purpose and being. The French author and politician, Joseph Marie de Maistre, said, “The great fault in women is their desire to be like men.” Woman is the symbol of Shakti. Shakti is not physical force, but integration. The woman-soul will rebuild the shattered world through the strength of her intuition, her purity and faith in prayer, her simplicity and sympathy and service, her spiritual aspiration and silent sacrifice.

But She is more in Life-

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Shaheer is aware that She is older and an Idiotic selfish-person, But she is more in LIFE- in Tune and in Harmony with Silence, with Love and with Prayer; AND with what she feel and trust and She is stronger today in this knowing, because she is letting go of all Thoughts and Feelings that do not make her Strong.