“`Because we are from Energy, not for Energy—‘Part One’

13450151_10153576899732201_1077805867474593224_n“`So what if technology is at the peak in this century, but have we ever understood what technology is?Is it technology vast then the human being? If one asks the intellectuals if they believe in God ; the reply will be that they trust science. With my experience, i have learnt that visiting Temple—Churches—Mosques–one does not the become Jesus–Krishna–or Nanak. or trusting only science have become einstein–or–Darwin. Why? Because we trust in theory but we don’t experience it. What is science? Science is best knowledge to educate the matter,with what we can learn about life.Science can explain the being thru object. then what is religion? Nothing but knowledge of energy and the matter is subject. Subject or object are both energy. I remember when i was soul searching. This search took me towards death.I attened every funeral for three month.The three months educated me every string of death.Now i can not prove this theory thru atoms, but feeling one’s energy i can smell death. I can feel differents between life energy and death’s energy, but can not theorize it.As long as we theirize formulas that only becomes matter.As electron can be proven as matter, but energy can be only felt.


What is telephone and what is telepathy? Telephone is an object. Object can be made useful by everyone. because telephone is compilation of matter. Telepathy is subject.Subject is within and only can be felt be the being.To know the subject one has to become the subject. Science is my guru; because science has shown me what human being is capable of.Althuogh science was my guru but when i gaze at the same from the core of my being the question arises can i measure the same. Because that point of circumference,where the point becomes finite thru infinite can not be measured.The experience that can not be measured or explained can only be lived or experienced. because we are from energy not for energy. so religion and science are because of us and for us, because beings are product of energy and religion and science were given the shape thru human beings.


I am not educated by any institution.But i know the source of my being and the future of my being. Experiencing birth and death can not be proven in a tube in a lab or can be proved in any place of organized religion.So the knowledge of journey of human beings is the science and religion.


“`The Presence of LOVE

“`The first moment, I renounce myself, then, I feel this tremendous energy pushing against my being from the inside. My heart starts to open, like a heavy door opening slowly under a great pressure. At some point the door is flung open, and the pure love evoked and this sweet taste melts my intellectual and emotional personality and I find myself in the presence of LOVE


“`I am the absolute mystery, a vastness that has manifested itself within itself as a transparent sphere of conscious presence, whose center is a radiant point of light. The felt experience is lightness and intimacy, preciousness and exquisiteness, and total personal vulnerability.


“`What is Boundary ?

13438832_1280053448673196_1382749418964691524_n“`Everybody talks about Boundaries, but I am not aware of my own Boundary.
I have always found myself as unknown traveller in this Creation; who is unaware of its own Boundary.
While walking someone else’s beauty– sweetness of the voice–summit of thoughts–deepness of emotion–meaning any beautifying nature became tear in my eyes and the bow then where is my Boundary!
While walking someone’s sadness–thrist–hunger dwellf inside me then where is my Border ?
I could not find the same.
All I know is that I was born as a thought–travelled as search and found life as an emotion. I kept on dissolving but could not find the Boundary.`


“` Rose’s smile is my inspiration for my journey

Georgetown Sunset, Georgetown, Maryland, December 18, 2010

“Nobody does anything for another”
Yet they never look at themselves to see if they have helped someone. They only help their family at most where needed.
God Bless: If anyone, feeling someone’s pain or looking at their situation, do decided to help someone out. What do these people have to say:
“Yeah right she’s helping, She is only doing it for self recognition”
” By showing off her money in gifts she is making friends. “
Looking at their faces I think to myself, “They know I am not rich, Do they not have any shame?
I look inside myself at the smiling Rose, and I pad the back, not for them but for the  Rose’s smile and Rose’s smile is my inspiration for my journey.